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Kinbaku, also known as shibari, is a form of Japanese bondage witch is praticed with ropes in natural fiber, mainly in jute.
Often perceived as japanese art, kinbaku is first of all an emotional, intimate and particularly intense practice between two consenting partners who are tying together, and is the fruit of a personal evolution of each of the practitioners in this kind of bondage.

Shibari, kinbaku classes

RopeSession offers different types of shibari classes in France and all over the world, adapted to the needs of everyone, with a pedagogy developed over a 6 years experience in teaching Japanese rope bondage.
These kinbaku classes are taught in different formats: group shibari classes, private lessons and regular evening classes, which allow you to learn ropes following a full program.

Kinbaku performances

RopeSession offers different types of public apparitions from artistic performances of Japanese bondage, to private sessions of kinbaku, covering also public sessions.
Sessions aim to share with the spectators the intensity of rope bondage scenes as they would take place in intimacy.

About Ropesession

About RopeSession

Shibari classes by ropesession

Kinbaku classes

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Shibari around the world is creating more and more adepts, the world of art also contribute to this popularization by exposing everywhere the work of Japanese photographer Araki.

Practitioners tie themselves up between consenting adults in order to spice up their erotic games, satiate fantasies or simply to get into deep bliss, cut themselves off from everyday life and have a more fulfilling life.

Shibari classes by ropesession

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