RopeSession, Docvale’s kinbaku

RopeSession was created in 2012 by Docvale, at the moment he started to teach shibari and perform in France and all over the world.
Docvale’s ropes evolved over years, following at the beginning the influences of Wildties, then of Naka Akira, before beginning to develop his own style of kinbaku provided by RopeSession since 2016.

RopeSession’s style

If we had to synthetise the RopeSession’s vision of kinbaku : «revisit the roots of kinbaku, going always deeper into the intimate and emotionnal dimension, Not forgetting to integrate or develop more contemporain technics in term of safety and anatomy.»

RopeSession activities

We can provide to your structures our expertise in term of shibari, by giving kinbaku workshops, or in presenting our japanese rope bondage performances.
We are also able to organize in our own structure ( Atelier Simonet ), workshops, private immersions, and also public or private sessions. We can also provide some rope to our students.

Docvale Rigger


RS Style

RS Style

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